Welcome to my blog. I am a paleo eating, health lovin’, zen searching, edgy girl living in South Texas, 30 mins from the Mexico border. This blog is going to be about me and my search for primal zen living in an area that is far from that. I work in the oil field and live in an oil field booming town full of mexican food, oilfield workin’ men, high rates of living due to the influx of new comers and an old original HEB whose soda and chip area about doubles it’s fresh produce area. The nearest Whole Foods is 2 hours away and I can count on one hand how many organic products our HEB sales and on top of that it may be there one week and never again afterwards.

It has been a struggle to try to live a life I want but I am starting to find creative ways to pull it off. I live in a family that loves big trucks, loud country music, guns and comfort food but at heart we are a big loving family. I have always been a little bit of the black sheep of the family but have always been accepted for my differences. I continue to try to bring my perception of health and life to my family. One thing is for sure that it is always an adventure around here.


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