Making the best of leftovers – homemade salad dressing


Last night we house sitted for my parents while they went out of town. For a late dinner we decided to BBQ. Luckily there was leftovers, I love leftovers.  Sometimes the best thing to do with leftovers is to put it on a salad… so I’ve learned. One of my favorite leftover salads is bbq leftover salad. Grilled veggies, fajitas and sausage make for a delicious salad topper. One thing I always put on my salads is a homemade salad dressing. It takes literally minutes to make and is a great healthy alternative to store bought salad dressing.

Here is my easy salad dressing recipe:

2 big tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 half of a lemon squeezed
sea salt

Add all ingredients in a small cup, stir and pour over your salad. You can put whatever seasonings you like. The main thing is to make sure it is one part olive oil and one part lemon juice. The rest is optional. Another salad dressing I like to make is one part olive oil one part raspberry vinegar. It’s perfect for a cranberry and walnut salad with grilled chicken. The goal is to be creative with your salads or you will get bored with them fast.


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