Objective: I want this blog to be a reference for others to live a healthier lifestyle and to show people that you can do so no matter where you live.

Hi my name is Jessica. I live in a small, middle of no where town in South Texas. I grew up here and moved away to go to college and became a teacher. I taught for a year in  a low income school district but got let go because of budget cuts. My dad has been working in the oil field for years and the town I grew up in is no longer the little middle of no where town it was before. Now the population has more than doubled and it has become a big hot spot for oilfield in Texas. After seeing all the companies that have moved into my hometown, I decided to come back and work in the oilfield. I am a proud employee of Newfield Exploration and take pride in being a part of the oilfield. Yet when I moved here I gave up my nice HEB and healthier living options. Luckily, I have found ways to live a healthier lifestyle in an area that is the essences of south Texas living. I am sure if I told people around here I do yoga, meditate and eat a paleo diet they would probably look at me funny. Most people I talk to here don’t even know what a paleo diet is. The concept is very new to me as well. I am hoping this blog will be a way to share with people my personal experiences with living a healthier lifestyle and for people to realize they too can live a healthier lifestyle no matter where they live!


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